My Approach

I am an integrative counsellor which means that I have been trained in a variety of counselling theories and practice. My approach will always be to start with you and your experience.  By getting to know you and developing our relationship, we will together help make sense of what brings you to counselling. Having the space to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions will help identify how you can be more in control, and be able to move forward in a way that is best for you.

I am trained and experienced in sensorimotor psychotherapy which basically means working with the body. This means that we start to pay attention to how our bodies 'react' to certain situations, especially stressful situations. I can help you, through psychoeducation, start to be aware of how you respond and share interventions that will help you away from the therapy session. 


Whatever brings you to counselling I will create a safe space for you to able to explore this in detail. I also offer some strategies that may help with your presenting issues. For example, a lot of my clients will present with anxiety. I am interested in how our bodies tell us how we feel which may be at odds with how we think we should feel. A lot of anxiety manifests itself as negative thought which can be overwhelming. Breaking this down into physical and emotional responses can help us 'sit' with uncomfortable feelings, helping to process emotions. I help clients identify how their bodies tell them what they are feeling and have some practical interventions, such as breathing techniques, that can used away from the therapy session to help manage their anxiety better. This allows us to be able then focus on the overwhelming thoughts and enables the client to move forward.


The main issue between couples is communication - maybe you've stopped listening to each other or there is a painful issue between you that you can't move past. I help create a safe space where both partners can express their emotions. A recurring theme is the idea that we can only change ourselves, not our partner - and although simple, this can be the most difficult thing to achieve when we live with someone - it's much easier to blame our partner rather than looking at what we can do or change. Again I have various interventions to help couples improve how they can communicate and if arguing is a feature, various strategies to help ensure communication remains safe. As a trained psychosexual therapist I am also able to deal with any sexual issues that may have arisen in the relationship. 

Room 3, Norwood House

53 Brighton Grove



M14 6JT

Tel: 07717492265

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£45 per session- individual

£70 per session -couples

concessions are available

Availability - Flexible

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